About Us

Quality in health is our principle, our hospital was established in 2006 in the Esenler region. Avicenna Hospital, which is one of the most old established institutions of Esenler, aims to be a world-class modern health facility that can improve itself with its excellence in all services of medicine, patient satisfaction, a team that works well and correctly. Our hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment; 365 days of the year, expert staff, polyclinics, delivery rooms, radiology center, intensive care unit (adult, neonatal and surgical units), gynecology clinic, operating theaters, and ambulance with 24 hours at your service. aims to achieve its goals in accordance with its mission and vision. It respects and ensures that all employees’ legal rights are exercised. It provides its employees with a working environment based on mutual respect and love that is worthy of human dignity. Aware of its responsibilities in this regard, treats all employees equally and fairly.