Our Human Resources Policies

Private Avicenna Hospital aims to ensure that employees can be efficient and productive and to create a harmonious work environment by acquiring qualified manpower in line with its mission and vision.

With this approach, our company has adopted the principle of having employees who are open to education, development, motivation and high corporate loyalty with current and human-oriented Human Resources applications.

Recruitment Process and Operation

Private Avicenna Hospital offers job vacancies on our website and career portals when new staff is needed. You can find job opportunities and apply for vacancies by following these postings. The applications are evaluated and interviewed by the Human Resources Management and the candidates who are deemed appropriate after this interview are interviewed with the relevant unit managers.
Fees and Additional Facilities
Fee: Payment is made on a gross wage basis.
meal times: Free lunch service and dinner for shift workers.
Housing: Accommodation is provided for our nurses applying from outside Istanbul.
Benefit from Health Services: Our employees and their relatives can benefit from the health services of our hospital at a discounted rate.
Permission Opportunities;
14 working days with a service period of 1 to 5 years,
20 working days with a service period of 6 to 15 years,
Persons with a service life of more than 16 years are entitled to 26 working days of leave.