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Cancer is a growing health problem worldwide and causes significant socioeconomic burden in societies and material and moral losses and difficulties in individuals. In addition, the fact that a significant portion of cancer is preventable has led to the increasing importance given to this issue.

In our country, approximately 175 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

level of development, such as the incidence of cancer within the European Union countries and America found higher than Turkey . While lung and prostate cancers are the most common cancers in men, tobacco-related cancers remain important in men.

The most common breast cancer in women continues to be one of every four women’s cancers. Within a year, more than 17,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Leukemia is the most common type of cancer in childhood cancers. In young people (15-24 age group), testicular cancer in men and thyroid cancer in women take the first place.

Individuals and societies should be informed that at least one-third of common cancers can be prevented by choosing a healthier diet, avoiding tobacco products, increasing physical activity, and reducing alcohol use. In addition, ultraviolet radiation protection, occupational and environmental exposure to prevent cancer burden will be further reduced.
Early diagnosis saves lives. Because: Early diagnosis is the first and most important step for the successful treatment ted