Pediatric Surgery

Child Health and Diseases departments are organized in all polyclinics, centers and hospitals to provide examination, treatment and preventive health services for children and adolescents between the ages of 0-16.
Pediatric Surgery
In our pediatric surgery clinic, which deals with the treatment of all surgical disorders of children aged 0-16 years;
Pediatric urology:
Stenosis at the kidney exit and at the entrance to the bladder,
∙ Vesico-ureteral reflux,
Bladder working disorders,
 Voiding disorders,
 Urinary incontinence,
Penile disorders; curvature of the penis,
∙ Circumcision error
∙ Circumcision,
∙ Hydrocele,
∙ Varicocele,
∙ Testicular Torsion,
 Cryptorchidism / Undescended Testis
∙ Hipospadias,
∙ Inguinal hernia, (Inguinal Hernia),
and all these endoscopic interventions ……)
Gastric and intestinal diseases
Congenital anomalies,
∙ Narrowness of the esophagus,
 Damages due to the ingestion of flammable substances,
Swallowing foreign bodies,
∙ Gastroesophageal reflux disease,
∙ Appendicitis, intestinal volvulus,
Bleeding from intestine or stomach,
Newborn diseases: Congenital problems of newborns
∙ The esophagus does not develop,
Bars The intestines are located outside the abdomen due to the absence of abdominal wall,
Congenital duodenum, small intestine absence or obstruction,
∙ Diaphragmatic hernia,
 nonperfore anus inborn,
 Congenital aganglionic megacolon)
Diseases of the liver and biliary tract:
Liver cysts, abscesses and tumors,
Congenital absence of bile ducts,
 Cystic enlargement of biliary tract and stone disease
Head and Neck Surgery in Children
∙ Congenital cysts,
∙ Sinuses,
∙ Neck masses,
 Cystic hygroma
∙ Enlarged lymph nodes,
∙ Torticolis
Respiratory Diseases
∙ Congenital lung diseases,
 Treatment of abscess and empyema due to lung infections,
Congenital diseases of the trachea,
 Foreign body escaping into the trachea and
∙ Bronscopic interventions,
∙ Pneumothorax, hemothorax ….
Trauma in children ∙ Traffic accidents,
∙ Fall,
∙ Beatings and general body injuries,
∙ Battered child syndrome,
∙ Cutter, piercing, abdominal and chest traumas
Female & Male Genital Diseases;
∙ Epispadias,
∙ Labial adhesion,
Imperfore Hymen,
∙ Over Torsion,
∙ Ovarian cyst

and childhood tumors.